Dear Participants in the 2010 Purdue Comparative Literature Graphic Engagement Conference,

Thank you all for a great conference.

We have the opportunity to publish a special issue of Forum for World Literature Studies devoted to the best of the papers from the Graphic Engagement Conference. The articles will appear in Volume 3, published on-line and in print. Forum for World Literature Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by Shanghai Normal University, Wuhan Institute for Humanities, and Purdue University.

I hope you will consider submitting a revised version of your papers. We are looking for papers of about 4,000 words (12-15 pages). We plan to publish 15-20 submissions in this special issue. Due to the focus of the journal, we are most interested in papers that take some kind of international perspective, but other papers are welcome too.

The journal uses a modified MLA house-style, stressing very few footnotes. Please use foreign languages in the original where appropriate, meaning where the language is important to the argument, followed by a translation in the parenthetical citation: “come questa” (Ross 33, “like this”). The house style does not allow scare quotes or any slashes or odd orthography (e.g. no “and/or” or “(her)story.” The journal is aimed at a world-wide audience of professors working in English but for whom English is not the first language. Clarity is important. (The journal also prints articles in Chinese and can easily handle Chinese characters, as in essays about Japanese manga.)

We would like completed essays by January 5, 2011.

Please contact Charles Ross ( if you plan to submit. Pdf copies of the most recent issue available upon request.

Charles Ross
Director, Comparative Literature Program
Purdue University

Derek P. Royal, Juan Meneses, and S.C. Gooch
Conference Organizers