Ryan Bidlack, through his ‘alter ego’, Bids, is the creator of “The Window” comic strip, a comic strip that appears literally on the storefront-like windows of his apartment in downtown Lafayette, IN. Ryan has a BS and an MBA from Purdue University, yet no artistic training whatsoever. Simply providing a creative outlet, “The Window” started with its first comic on March 17, 2009 and has refreshed roughly every week since then. Since its inception, “The Window” and its main characters, Sam and Maze, have garnered enough attention to warrant the formation of Bids Art, LLC, a small company with intent to merchandise the comic and raise money for animal shelters and other animal-related causes. Bids has followed up on his desire to be creative with a website, a blog (through the character Reece The Meece) and several other ideas still in the works. When Bids is not doodling on his windows, he’s out enjoying a plethora of other interests from golf, to football, to recently, parkour, or the theater, the orchestra or even a NASCAR race.


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